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LGT Private Banking
LGT is a leading international private bank that provides comprehensive and holistic investment solutions for high-net-worth private clients and families. 


Founding Year


AUM LGT Group 2023 (CHF)

224 Mio.

Net Profit (CHF)


LGT Privat Banking Cases:

Case 1: Beyond the obvious: Unlocking the storytelling potential of Private Equity:



How can we unlock the storytelling potential of Private Equity?

  1. What tools/methods for in-person discussions but also digital interactions can we add?

  2. How can we create a holistic client experience around Private Equity which will be totally unique to LGT?

  3. What storytelling concepts from other industries could be applied and what challenges do we have to take into consideration?

Case 2: Impact of AI and digitalization in private banking on “next generation” needs?


How does the “next generation” of today's clients want to interact with a wealth management bank?

  1. What media do they want to use?

  2. To what extent is physical contact still relevant?

  3. What role does sustainability play in asset allocation?

  4. To what extent do they want to be involved in investment decisions?

  5. How would you like to be informed about your asset allocation?


Case 3: How simple can sustainable investing be? – Transforming complicated concepts into tangible client services


How to transform the complicated concept of sustainable investing and ESG regulations into tangible

client services?

  1. How do people understand sustainable investing in general?

  2. What SI approaches/themes are the most understood? (Best-in-class, exclusion, engagement, impact investing etc.)

  3. What can be new formats/contents/storylines for LGT’s sustainable advisory offering?

  4. What could be the sustainable investment needs for clients in 5 years?




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